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  • Solar Panels Convert The Sun's Energy Into Electricity.
  • A Control Device Changes This Electricity, Enabling It To Power Electricity Items.
  • Items Such As A Refrigerator And Lamp Can Plug Into The Outlets For Power.
  • The Electricity Then Passes Through A Breaker Box To Outlets In The Building

When Energy Is Coming From The Sun, Then Why Are We Digging The Earth. Solar Energy Can Be Used Directly For Heating, Lightning Homes And For Generating Electricity For Water Heating And Too Many Other Residential And Commercial Uses. 
Solar Panels Covert Energy From The Sun Into Electricity. An Inverter Converts The Electricity Produced By The Solar Panels From Direct Current (DC) To Alternating Current (AC) For Use In Your Home, School Or Business.


Pakistan is full of potential of alternate renewable energy resources, i:e solar, wind, hydel etc. From the available option for the domestic customer. The solar panels can be installed on the roofs of the houses / offices / buildings. According to the studies, Pakistan has 2.9 million Mega Watt of solar energy potential. Butt We Are Using Only 400-500 MW Of This Huge Potential.
In View Of The Growing Needs Of Energy In Pakistan, The Efficient Use And Development Of Renewable Energy Sources Has Become A Major Issue InThe Country…. Fortunately, Pakistan Is Amaong Those Countries In Which Sun Warms The Surface Throughout The Year And Therefore Has A Strong Potential For Solar Power Generation.

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We Sale Solar Panels Very Cheapest Rates And Provide Very Good Quality And Features.


We Also Provide Good Solar Panel Services Many People Are Happy With Our Services.


We deal in A-Grade quality solar panels, inverters, Batteries & Others Quality Accessories.

Completely Fitting Solar Panel With Your Own Place, Fitting Battery, and Inverter etc.

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